Lives of an Object

This exhibition started as a discussion around ceramics and the various iterations of the ancient Kernos vessel. Ripe with meaning both apparent and obscure, the Kernos lends itself to a multitude of interpretations as it does uses. Unfortunately, the Κernoi will be present through their absence due to the cumbersome local bureaucratic processes that would not allow us to exhibit them.

As such, we redirected our focus beyond the Kernos, exploring instead the shifts that occur through the inevitable appropriations of an object.

Within its lifespan it will be utilised, broken, fixed, traded, sold, swapped, discarded and reused - transitioning in function and meaning from one state to the next as though recasting itself anew. Interpretations of perceived affordances fluctuate through time and variable conditions i.e. knowledge structures, cultural and semantic conventions, environmental changes, etc., suggesting an object can be afforded numerous lives within its individual trajectory. 

It is this multiplicity that intrigued us in the first place and brings these works together in exhibition, as fluid and open-ended signifiers of a mutable and manifold nature.

Etel Adnan
JB Blunk
Marc Camille Chaimowicz
Lena Henke
Michael Lekakis
Fausto Melotti
Giorgio Morandi
Ron Nagle
Aliki Panagiotopoulou
Rallou Panagiotou
Konstantinos Papadimitrakopoulos
Sophia Psychoyos
Lucie Rie
Cinzia Ruggeri
Ettore Sottsass
Iris Touliatou
Francis Upritchard
Rebecca Warren

Lives of an Object will run across both spaces concurrently.
Martinos, Pandrossou 50, 10555 Athens
ARCH, Gkoura 5, 10558 Athens

Exhibition Opening: October 26, 2021 12–9 pm
Exhibition Period: October 26, 2021–January 29, 2022
Visiting Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11 am–6 pm


(Entry requirements will comply with public regulations. Wearing masks indoors will be mandatory.)

Exhibition Period: