Ground Bass

ARCH is pleased to announce the exhibition Ground Bass by artist Tula Plumi.


Ground Bass presents a series of bamboo works. Long and flexible reeds are joined together to create larger surfaces that accommodate other materials such as painted metal pieces, paper cut-outs, fabric, thread and light.

The works as a whole consist of closed or open surfaces that mimic the morphology of architectural elements such as the roof, dome, arch, column and more. Light floor works evoke the shape of a column, while individual elements of the works reveal influences from lines and forms seen in design. Indentations, projections, curved surfaces or flat, complex or simplified also refer to images of movement and gestures. The objects, as extensions of the self, allude to situations indirectly connected to the human body, such as clothing oneself and putting on make-up.

On a secondary reading, the focus shifts to the patterns, design and color palette. Rhomboid patterns of clothing fabrics are transformed into painted motifs on thin sheets of bent metal. The color palette of a painted eye is imprinted on a sculptural surface. Textiles dress up skeletons of bamboo wood. Patterns run throughout the exhibition. Structures and shapes are persistently repeated over and over again. Repetition helps to improve, emphasize or ultimately understand. Or not understand. It needn’t necessarily resonate. The action of repetition becomes a visual code that conveys meaning and non-meaning.

The exhibition borrows its title from the term Ground Bass, which comes from music and dance and refers to the continuous repetition of a shape, theme or movement that coexists simultaneously with the development of other themes and movements, more complex and free.



Tula Plumi (b. Crete 1980lives and works in Berlin.


She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece (2003-2008) and at the Hildesheim University, Germany (2006-2007)


Exhibitions include: Chromocommons, Opening Gallery, New York, curated by Sozita Goudouna (2023); JUBILLEE X, Haunt, Berlin (2022); Encounters in landscape, Spoiler, Berlin (2022); Anthrakas, Salon 71, Berlin (2021); The right to breath, curated by Sozita Goudouna, Undercurrent, New York (2021); Overturned at artgenève, curated by Anais Castro, a project by daily lazy, Geneve (2020); WEAVINGS: Painting and tapestry in Greece from 1960 to the present, Benaki Museum, Athens (2019); Jelato for all, Jelato gallery, Mallorca (2019); Forthcoming 2, Space 52, curated by Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Athens (2019); Bed Manners, Kunstpunkt, curated by Charlotte Silbermann, organized by Daily Lazy and frontviewsBerlin (2019); A Museum - A History of 100 Years - Contemporary Commentary, Museum of Modern Greek Culture, Athens (2018); To pool, #1 Convolution, curated by Schneeeule, Paracelsusbad, Berlin (2018); Asthenia no.6 at Hot Wheels Projects, Athens (2018); *bang!, Daily Lazy Projects, Athens (2017); In-Between us, IFAC Athens (2017); Idiopolis ed.2, State of Concept , curated by Stephan Klee, Athens (2016); Leisure as a mechanism for resistance, FAN at Parallel Vienna, Vienna (2016); Chez eux: unseen Collections, CirCuits & Currents, curated by Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos, Athens (2016); Things Trouve, Musee national d’art modern Centre Pompidou, curated by Rebecca Hoffmann and Charlotte Silbermann, frontviews, Paris(2016); The Same Sky, Lepsien Art Foundation, Dusseldorf (2016); Strategies in the geometry of homecoming, Torrance Shipman, New York (2016); Areopagus Konigin, curated by Jelena Seng, Parallel Vienna, Vienna (2015); Genuine Fake, Hydra School Projects, curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis, Hydra (2015); Carrying water with a riddle, Gruener Salon ,Volksbuehne Berlin (2015); Skip Down Forth Under, frontviews temporary, Berlin (2015); Parallel Vienna, Altes Zollamt, Vienna (2014); Conceptual & Applied III: Surfaces and Patterns, New Acquisitions from the Daimler Art Collection,Daimler Contemporary, curator Renate Wiehager, co- curator Luca Trevisani, Berlin (2014); An element of whim, Fokidos 21, Athens (2014); Ultimate Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics,curated by Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Tinguely Museum, Basel 8, Kunstraum am Schauplatz/Wiener Art Foundation, Vienna (solo) (2014); Hector Prize, Kunsthalle Mannheim (nomination) (2014); Transition Matters, Hermes Artist Window, Athens(commission) (2014); AFresh, Emst National Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Dapne Dragona, Tina Pandi, Daphne Vitali, Athens (2013); A marked preference for, frontviews temporary, curated by Silke Briel and Rebecca Hoffmann, Glogau Air, Berlin (2013); Thrills and Chills, Can Christina Androulidaki gallery, Athens (2013); In The Studio, Kunsthalle Athena, curated by Daily Lazy, Remap4, Athens (2013); Idiopolis, frontviews temporary, curated by Stephan Koehler, Remap4, Athens (2013); Exercises on Democracy, Hollow airport Museum, Open Case 303, Athens (2013); What lies hidden remains unfamiliar, Can Christina Androulidaki gallery, Remap4, Athens (2013); Lustlands, Vol.II – On The Great Eastern (after Andreas Embiricos), curated by Nadja Argyropoulou and Lakis and Aris Ionas (The Callas), Thermissia Argolidas, Peloponnese (2013); Interspace, Can Christina Androulidaki Gallery, Athens (solo) (2012); Hosted in Athens, curated by Daily Lazy, Athens (2012); The Magic Circle, Gazon Rouge gallery, curated by Loraini Alimantiri & Christopher Marinos, Athens (2012);OCCone , Tint Gallery Thessaloniki and 50-1 gallery, Limassol (2012); Deliver Your Virgins Or We Burn The City, with Stelios Karamanolis and Yorgia Karidi, Why Art Now festival, Open Show Studio, Athens (project) (2012); Monodrome Athens Biennale 3, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud and X&Y, Athens (2011); The collection, XYZ Outlet - Athens Biennale 3, Athens (project) (2011); 1st Festival for YoungAuthors, Michael Cacoyannis FoundationAthens (2011); Epekina, Cultural Centre of the municipality of Athens, curated by Theofilos Tramboulis, Athens (2011); Museum Copies, Remap 3, Athens (solo)(2011); Demo #2, Dynamo project space, Thessaloniki (2011); GlogauAir Berlin (residency) (2011); Drawing in Sculpture, Kappatos gallery, Athens (2010); Walk the Line, Greek film Archive, Athens (2010); The Vitrina Project, Open Show Studio, Athens (2010); Entropy, Kappatos gallery, Athens (2008);

Tula Plumi

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