Gathering: Nicoletta Savvidou & Simone Philippou

A collaborative exhibition by Nicoletta Savvidou and Simone Philippou. Drawing inspiration from the ancient form of the pyxis- a cylindrical box with a separate lid- the two artists explore the playfulness that can be born out of a functional object. Merging their art practices, ceramicist Nicoletta Savvidou and printmaker Simone Philippou collaborated on the design and production of a limited edition collection. Bringing together their two art processes, they explore the ideas of harvest, hunting & gathering, and transformation through imaginative narratives depicting the constant movement of life. Vessels with lids, stacking elements and connecting compartments invite one to open, turn, flip and spend time with each object expanding on its uses and possibilities.

Simone Philippou is a printmaker based in Nicosia. She graduated with an MA in Visual Arts from UAL Camberwell College of Art in London, UK and an MA in Printmaking from Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan. Her practice includes a mixture of processes spanning from traditional printmaking techniques such as stone lithography, woodblock, and screen printing to papermaking and ceramics. Drawing inspiration from the animal kingdom and environmental issues, Simone Philippou is interested in exploring worlds where the other can flourish and co-exist, as well as the natural cycles of life, symbiosis and materiality; giving attention to the tangible process of making, and how it affects the subjectivity of her work.  As an active member of the contemporary printmaking community, Simone takes part in international exhibitions, conferences, and symposiums. Most recent exhibitions include a solo show at the IMPACT Printmaking conference, The Printmakers Garden in Bristol, UK(2022) and the solo exhibition SESSILE at the Hambis Printmaking museum in Nicosia(2021), curated exhibitions Da Capo, a capo in Kasko Gallery Basel, Switzerland(2023) and Toxic Portraits at High Line Nine Galleries in New York, USA(2023).

Nicoletta Savvidou (b. 1986, Cyprus) trained in finance at the University of Nottingham, UK. Her interest in ceramics came soon after moving to London to pursue a Foundation in Art and Design at the UAL Camberwell College of Art in London, UK. She is a self-taught ceramicist whose practice encompasses handmade, wheel thrown tableware, as well as unique decorative and sculptural vessels. She works with both stoneware and porcelain clay bodies. Most of her work begins on the wheel and then through cutting and carving she alters the structure and texture, exploring new possibilities in both material and process.Nicoletta Savvidou draws inspiration from archaic references, nature, personal memories and experiences, art and everyday life. She is currently based in London working at Tokobo studio, where she produces work and teaches pottery.      

Artists: Nicoletta Savvidou, Simone Philippou

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